The Algerian star, Riyad Mahrez, was not the least suffering from many great people, they tasted the bitterness of frustration and rejection, until their talent proved itself on the ground, and it afflicted everyone who underestimated them with regret and sorrow.

This Algerian child, who grew up on Sablon Street in a poor neighborhood in France with a passion for football, was tireless and tedious about playing, until he became the ideal model for an honorable ascent for an Arab star battling the game lords around the world.

Mahrez against Algerian Team U20

A journey to rise

Riyad Mahrez was not satisfied with playing in unprofessional clubs in his youth, and his ambition constantly pushed him to search for a leap in his career, at the age of 18, he took the test for Kimber (Finistere), one of the amateur league teams.

Crazy ball, as his close associates used to call him, advanced to the test in any club that provides him with an opportunity, even if on the bench, and his first destination was at the gigantic Marseille, but he found there a wound he did not and will not forget throughout his life.

In 2010, Mahrez participated with Olympique Marseille reserve club, the club he used to support in his childhood, but Frank Bassi, the reserve team coach at that period, and the sports director Jose Anego refused to sign him, claiming that he was not suitable for competing with the professionals, so he carried his bags and decided to search for another chance.

A deep wound

And finally found Riyad the door open in Le Havre, who was active at the time in the second division, and signed his first professional contract with the reserve team in 2011, and continued in his ranks for 4 years during which his star rose and his skills developed until he joined the first team.

But nostalgia for Marseille did not extinguish in the magician’s chest, even when the features of a distinguished career began to appear before him, so he tried to rejoin him in 2014 when a players agent suggested to Vincent Labrin, the club’s president at that time, the idea of ​​contracting with Mahrez, but the latter mocked him in a humiliating manner. , Considering that the Algerian player does not have any chance of success with the team.

An adventure with the foxes

Second refusal made Riyad realize that his real place would not be in France, so he left for an adventure that might threaten his career completely and joined Leicester City, who was playing at the time in the first class, and despite his great hesitation before this step, he was convinced to leave to the country of the English, hoping to find what looking for him

As if fate had planned a miracle that would make this young Algerian one of the greats of football, who would have imagined that Leicester would return to the Premier League, and in 2016 he would write a historical epic with Italian coach Claudio Ranieri.

Mahrez and his comrades, Ngolo Kante and Jimmy Vardi, participated in the making of the great Premier League miracle that forced the top Premier League leaders to leave the title to this fighting team that broke their noses and imposed itself on the coronation podiums in a season in which the Algerian had stories of brilliance.

An exceptional position

Moving to Manchester City, was the natural development of this brilliant star, as adults rushed to snatch the jewels of the foxes, and although his participation was insufficient for a star of the size of Mahrez, he was patient and in every participation he proved the error of Pep Guardiola’s point of view, and he becomes the horse in all local tournaments. That he achieved with cytisines.

Mahrez with Cancelo

In the last three months, Riyad Mahrez has proven his authentic metal, leading City to the transformation to the place he dreamed of, which is the struggle for the Champions League title, for which the club’s investors spent hundreds of millions to achieve it, in addition to regaining the Premier League title smoothly.

Today, Riad stands at the gates of glory, in Portugal the great glory awaits him, which this Algerian child has always dreamed of in the streets of poor France, because the victory will not only make him keep his golden throne on the brown continent, but he will overtake with all the power of the giants the golden ball for the best player in the world.

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