On Friday, a news report said that a clock reportedly belonging to West Ham United’s Jesse Lingard was stolen from the dressing room during one of the team’s matches in the Premier League.

British police (Scotland Yard) said today, Friday, that investigations are underway into the theft that took place in London Olympic Stadium, a stronghold of West Ham team, on the ninth of May, according to the British news agency “BA Media”.

And West Ham lost to Everton (0-1), that day, in the 35th stage of the English Premier League, and the England international Lingard played throughout the 90 minutes of the match.

“The Sun” newspaper, which was the first to reveal the accident, reported that the watch belongs to the 28-year-old Lingard, who was loaned to West Ham from Manchester United.

A spokesman for the London Police said: “The police are investigating a robbery in a London stadium.”

He added, “It was reported that an hour was stolen from a changing room on the afternoon or evening of Sunday, May 9th.”

A London police spokesman concluded: “No one has been arrested, and investigations are continuing.

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